Four Tire Tips You May Not Have Known

Did you know that there are more to tires than tread? We always think that if the tread looks OK on our tires then they are OK. This blog post may change your mind!

1. How to Tell the Age of Your Tires 

Did you know that the numbers and letters on the side of your tire actually tell you the age of the tire?! All tires made since the year 2000 have a 4 digit Department of Transportation number printed on them. The first two numbers tell you the week that the tire was made while the last two numbers tell you the year the tire was made. For example, your tire read 0212. It was made the second week of the year 2012. Note: Sometime this number is printed on the side of the tire that faces under your car so you may need a jack to raise your car.

2. How Long Will a Tire Last?

Everyone has a different answer for this question. Many factors go into the answer including weather, storage and driving conditions the tire is exposed to. Most answers vary between 5-7 years and in most cases the tread is the best way to tell. It is always best to ask a trusted professional – we are always happy to take a look at your tires and tell you if they are safe or not. Remember, when picking tires for you car do make sure you take into account the types of driving conditions you are likely to encounter.

3. What Happens to a Tire as it Ages?

Look in your junk drawer and find an old rubber band. Stretch it. Does it crack? Does it seem like it won’t last much longer? That’s because the rubber eventually wears out and begins to crack. The same thing happens to the tires on your car. Even if you aren’t driving it everyday it is still exposed to changes in temperature and this can accelerate the aging of the tire. Refer to our first tip to check the age of your tire.

4. A “New” Tire May Not Be “New”

What does this mean? It means that because a tire isn’t used and someone calls it “new” it may actually have been sitting in storage wearing away without use. Ask the date the tire was manufactured and make sure it isn’t too old before it is placed on your car.

Give us a call if you ever have any questions about tires – we are here everyday to help you!

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