Braking with ABS and without ABS

This is a question that came up in our shop this past week: How is braking different with ABS versus without ABS? First, ABS stands for “Antilock Brake System.” Most newer model cars have ABS but it is still good to know the difference.

Braking with ABS

  • Stomp on the brake pedal as hard as possible.
  • Stay on the brake pedal and keep pushing it as hard as possible.
  • Basically, push and hold the brake as hard as possible – do NOT pump the breaks.┬áNote: You can’t push too hard.
Braking without ABS
  • Push the break pedal hard and release
  • Repeat the breaking and release motion – basically pumping the breaks.
  • You are preventing the breaks from locking. You see ABS prevents the brakes from locking up when braking hard. Without ABS you face the challenge of control the car and preventing the brakes from locking.

It is always a good idea if you are driving a new car or someone else’s car to get a feel for the brakes. Head over to an empty parking lot and safely test the brakes, steering and locate the basic buttons in the car – turn signals, headlights, etc.

Drive safely out there and don’t forget to schedule an appointment for an oil change or other car repairs at our Tallahassee auto repair shop!