5 Tips for your Summer Road Trip!

Summer is here and it is time to load up the car and head out of town for some fun and relaxing! We want to make sure your travel is safe and stress free so here are our tips for making sure your car is in tip top condition before hitting the highway:


1. Oil Change

  • Sounds basic but it really is important – the summer heat can be hard on an engine. An oil change keeps your engine lubricated and running smoothly. We also double check the basics throughout your vehicle to make sure everything else is in working order.

2. Alignment

  • If your car is feeling wobbly or shaky while driving your tires may need aligned. If your car is not aligned properly your tires will wear faster…and it can become unsafe at the high speeds traveled on the interstate.

3. Tires

  • Check your tire pressure and tread before a trip. The tire pressure is marked on a sticker inside your drivers door for reference. A trick on checking tire tread – place a penny in the grooves of the tread with Lincoln’s head closest to the tire – if part of his head is covered you are good – if not – you may need to change your tires.

4. Tune Ups

  • Depending on your car’s millage there are maintenance checks above and beyond an oil change. While many people don’t see this as necessary – it can prevent pricey repairs and keep your car running longer!

5. Brakes

  • Get your brakes checked to make sure that you stay safe on your trip! City driving can wear brakes out and it is better to check them than to wait until you hear the problem developing. (You know, the squeals and squeaks when you press your brake pedal.)

We wish you all a wonderful summer vacation and hope this helped you out! Give us a call – 850.561.0015 – if you have any questions or drop by and see us for your next oil change and maintenance!

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