4 Ways to Save Money on Your College Travels!

Whether you are going home to visit your family and friends or road tripping to your favorite music fest it all comes down to having fun and saving money. Here at Seminole Auto we are are ready to help you with these seven simple steps that should make for more money in your pocket for other things…like tailgating and spring break!

1. Travel with Others

  • Car pooling is economical because you have shared gas expenses. It also makes for a fun road trip…picture the movie “Due Date…”

2. Use Navigation

  • We are all glued to our iPhones and Androids…and for good reason…they know everything! Using navigation will get you to your destination in the best way possible…this saves gas and $$. (And everyone knows that the person in shotgun is the official navigator…)

3. Don’t Take the Biggest Car

  • While you may need to take the biggest car in some cases, try to downsize luggage and opt for the smallest car possible…like the convertible! The smaller the car the less gas you will use…and you will buy fewer souvenirs since they won’t fit in the mini-car…double savings!

4. Remember the Phone Chargers

  • It is inevitable that someone forgets the car charger for their phone or tablet and there is that u-turned filled trip to the big box store…save time and money by making sure you have all the accessories in your car for all you electronics!

That’s about it…pack your bags and head out for fun. Remember, don’t text and drive and arrive alive! Check out our pre-road-trip post for more great ways to save money!

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