4 Driving Tips that Save Gas (and Dollar$)

It is summertime and we all want to be driving down to coast every weekend, but alas, gas prices are keeping us all hesitant to head out of town – even if it is just to the coast for a day on the boat. So, we compiled a very small, easy to remember list of tips to save gas while you are out and about driving – Happy Summer!

1. Gun it!

  • Contrary to popular opinion, accelerating slowly does not save you gas – it actually uses more! So, call your Grandpa who pinches every penny and let him know it is OK to live a little and to put the petal to the metal!

2. Coast to a stop.

  • This is not nearly as much as tip #1 but it is true. While you will obviously need to brake, taking your foot off the gas for a bit will save you money…and your brakes!  Now, if you have a hybrid don’t take this tip to heart – braking in your car actually recycles energy…so keep driving like you normally do.

3. Use the A/C on the Highway.

  • Growing up your parents may have insisted on rolling the windows down and turning off the A/C on summer road trips but it is actually cheaper at high speeds to use the A/C! Why? Because the wind flow will slow the car down and is a source of resistance to the vehicle as it is trying to move forward – anything higher than about 55mph and you are wasting gas with the windows down. Plus, it is hot outside and you just really need to have the A/C on!

4. Go the Speed Limit on the Interstate.

  • Yep, we are law abiding drivers here at Seminole Auto. While it is fun to speed down I-10 it is not safe and most vehicles have a worse mph at 80mph than at 70mph – so going the speed limit saves dollar$ and lives! Win-Win!

Now, head out to the car and go for a ride!


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