3 Common Questions About an Oil Change

There are 3 pretty common questions about oil changes that we are asked on a regular basis.  Here are the basic answers – feel free to stop by our Tallahassee auto repair shop anytime to ask questions one on one with our mechanics!

1.  What is an Oil Change?

This is by far the most common question. We all grow up knowing we have to take our car for an oil change but do we really ever stop and think what and oil change actually is? An oil change is a very simple few steps. We drain the old motor oil out and replace it with new oil. Next, we replace the oil filter. Finally, we complete a rigorous safety point inspection, fill any other liquids that are low – for example –  windshield washer fluid, and rotate your tires.

2. What Does Oil Do in the Engine?

Oil serves as a lubricant for your vehicle’s engine preventing moving parts from rubbing together and wearing out. Oil also catches dust and combustion byproducts, absorbs water and prevents corrosion. You need to change your oil regularly because oil can only hold so much debris before it becomes ineffective and no longer protects your engine.

3. Should I Schedule Oil Changes as Recommended or Can I Wait a Little Longer?

99% of the time you should change your oil as recommended by the vehicle owner manual or your mechanic. What about the other 1%, you ask? If you drive on a lot of dirt roads, accelerate really fast on a regular basis, live in an extremely hot or cold climate, or carry heavy loads (pick up trucks) then you want to talk to your mechanic and see if you should have oil changes more often than your vehicle owner manual recommends. Trust us, regular oil changes will save you lots of money down the road and keep your car running as fuel efficient as possible.

As always, schedule an appointment online, give us a call at 850-561-0015  or drop by our Tallahassee location for oil changes and other services!

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