2 Common Driving Emergencies and How to Survive Them Safely

Have you ever been driving on the highway and had a tire blow out or slip onto the right of the shoulder? Hopefully you never do find yourself in one of those situations but just in case  – here are tips for handling your vehicle.

Two tires running off the road. When you are driving on the highway you may be forced to swerve and two tires can end up on the shoulder. The first instinct for most of us is to over correct our steering. Here are tips to remember for this situation:

  • Remove your foot from the gas pedal and do NOT brake unless it can’t be avoided (for example, you may collide with another car or object.)
  • Gently turn the wheel and gradually bring your car back onto the road. Do this slowly and not in one quick turn. If you turn the wheel too quickly you may lose control of your vehicle.
  • Focus on easing back onto the road and continue slowing down until you are safely back onto the road.

A Tire Blowout. Opposite from running two tires off the road, a tire blowout requires you to press down on the gas pedal. Don’t worry, the sound of the blowout will be worse than the result. Here are tips for handling this situation:

  • Press the gas pedal quickly. This helps you direct the car straight and stay within your lane. After you are settled then release the gas pedal and allow your vehicle to coast.
  • Try not to get off of the road and onto the shoulder until you are around 30mph. Make sure, though, to coast to this speed and not press the brake pedal.
  • If you are in the middle lane still make sure not to break but rather coast until you are able to change lanes and get to the shoulder of the highway.
  • Don’t forget to turn on your emergency lights once you are safely in control of you car!

Keeping your tires properly inflated and keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance can help you avoid these situations. You can schedule an appointment online with us for any of your auto repairs in Tallahassee!


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